What We Do

We are dedicated to supporting people with mental health challenges, disability, or both to achieve their goals and help build connections with their community to live a more enriched life.

How we think differently

The role we play in supporting people is guided by what is important to them, their ambitions, passions, interests and preferences. Our role is to help every individual express their unique qualities and strengths to help them build their capabilities and connections.

Every individual living within their community is surrounded by friends, family, work colleagues, and other networks, all connected to form a person’s lifeworld. This lifeworld and the links to their community come together in times of stress and uncertainty to help people deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

When a person’s lifeworld is narrowed, due to changes in social and work situations or family issues, people have less support from community and become less able to solve their problems. They may require other support from government bodies, health systems or charity organisations to help them get through this more challenging period in their life.

If connections with community are not reignited, someone’s life world is not able to grow and expand and provide them with the resources to live a life of independence. One that provides them with the opportunities and experiences which allow them to grow and contribute.

At Karakan our philosophy is about supporting people to build those connections with community to build and expand their lifeworld, to support each individual’s wellbeing.