Our Team

Our team are dedicated to ensuring that you have a great experience with Karakan, upholding the values and continuing to innovate to bring new opportunities to the people that we support.

Senior Leadership Team

Michelle Sharp

Operations Manager
Michelle is the Operational Manager at Karakan and is responsible for ensuring we have effective and efficient systems and processes in place to assist our staff in delivering the best support to our customers. She has been part of the Karakan team for over 10 years where she has witnessed Karakan grow to an organisation that is well respected in providing individualised support to people in our community.

Elesha Macdonald

Service Manager

Elesha is Service Manager she has extensive experience working with people ranging from supporting youth and young adults to access education and employment to classic support worker roles. Elesha is energetic and passionate, her focus is on ensuring that the services that Karakan offers meet customer and staff needs and explores options and approaches that best support people. 

Team Facilitators

staff member jannelle

Janelle Carrington

Team Facilitator
Janelle is one of our Team Facilitator’s and is responsible for supporting the customers and staff so that each customer’s team is meeting their needs. Janelle has over 15 years’ experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, including family and domestic violence. Her passion and insights, allow her to look for solutions so that she is able to support people to live their best lives within their communities.

Katrina Batterson

Team Facilitator

Katrina is passionate about working and advocating for people with mental health challenges. Her experience has seen her working in a variety of nursing roles over the past 20 years, specializing in the mental health sector for the last 14 years. Her passion is about assisting people to live their best life, understanding everyone’s unique journey, and looking at a holistic approach through their physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing to help them achieve their goals. Katrina is pursuing a social work degree which will continue to harness her passion and develop her expertise in the field of mental health.

Support Coordination Team

Amber Kinneally

Support Coordinator 

Amber is a Support Coordinator, she has worked in customer service roles for the last seven years, more recently she has assisted the support coordination team to find solutions to complex service and support problems. Amber has an honest and open style and coupled with her passion and drive means that she is always focused on getting the best for customers. In her spare time Amber is studying for a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours degree.