Our Story

Originally founded in 1972, Karakan, has a long and rich history of working with individuals whose lives have been impacted by mental illness, in particular ensuring people has access to suitable, affordable housing in the community.

That original focus on responding to particular difficulties and challenges in the lives of people who experience mental illness has evolved over the years towards a broader promotion of activities and supports that focus on enhancing a person’s mental health and wellbeing in the long term. Karakan now provides support to people with mental health challenges, disability, or both, working alongside people so that they can focus on what is important to them whether that is developing life skills, finding and keeping a job or getting out and about.


Our services are based on a recovery paradigm, person-­centred principles, appreciative inquiry methodology, community engagement and human rights. A key part of our focus is on encouraging the people we support to have active engagement within their community to build support networks to aid their recovery journey.

Whilst we continue to evolve and grow as an organisation in response to individual needs and contemporary thinking about mental health and wellbeing, our purpose and core values of respect, partnership and hope have remained constant and have been the fundamental driver of our work.

We are invested in helping people ‘Create their Tomorrow’