New Flexible Support Services


Many of our customers are wanting to stay supported but just change the way that they receive their supports. We spoke to one of our customers to see how they are working with supports to get everything they need and how they have used their changed routine to look at trying and learning new things.

‘I wasn’t sure about the options that were available to me, but knew I needed to change my support so that I felt safe and stayed healthy’.  ‘Dani my support coordinator reached out to me and we looked at the options which allowed me to get everything I needed and also left me feeling comfortable. We looked at how my NDIS funding could be used differently to meet my needs now. I found I could use my support a little more flexibly, so depending on the day and how I was feeling we could change up how the shift worked’. So sometimes I have needed errands running, like picking up groceries and at other times I have used my support so that I can just chat to my support worker, that has been really important to me’.

‘The thought of being at home all the time worried me, just thinking that I would be on my own a lot. So with my therapist I looked at ways I could keep in contact with people. I found out there were a lot of activities online which I could get involved with from Zoom lunches to crafting activities they are better than I thought they would be and have helped’.

‘Getting prepared and having a plan in place has left me feeling more confident and sure about things’

Getting Prepared

With the fact that social distancing and limits on gatherings will continue for at least the next 6 months, getting prepared and having a new routine in place that lets you continue to get support and allows you to achieve your goals will be important from a social connection and personal growth perspective.

At Karakan our top priority continues to be the quality, reliable and safe services we provide to you.


Our support staff have been looking at new ways to bring social and community access to you, some of our customers have started looking at their ancestry, tried new cooking classes, or begun painting. We can help you look at some of the activities you may have overlooked in the past to develop skills and stay connected. So you can get the same quality support that you are used to in a slightly different way.


Our new flexible services are based on how you want to receive support. This can range from your normal support service, with community access limited based on social distancing and gathering guidance or flexed to be support around your necessary and essential outings or for a contactless support service we can complete your necessary community activities and keep in contact via phone or video.


Our focus on safety has never been more important, our staff are following all the good hygiene guidance developed by the Australian Government Department of Health to make sure your support is as safe as possible. All our staff are healthy and dedicated to supporting you in the way that you would like. We are providing all our staff with hand sanitiser for their everyday work and we have access to PPE if the situation arises that we have a COVID-19 infection with one of our staff or customers.

Call us to see how we can help you with support during this unsettling time, we can be contacted on the normal office number during office hours on 07 3299 1898 and via email at