Michael's Story

‘… the team of support workers from Karakan help me with strategies to keep me focused and motivated…’ 


‘My name is Michael Graczyk, I live in Rochedale South with my wife. We have a lovely house which we are currently renovating. I have a list of home renovation projects I have wanted to do for some time, but I never get them completed, more and more I lose focus and motivation before I get them finished.  This is where my NDIS funding is helping me, the team of support workers from Karakan help me with strategies which keep me focussed and motivated to the end of the project’.

‘So there is NO MORE procrastination from me, Karakan has helped me bring together a schedule for my house renovation which I can keep to. The team of support workers I have with Karakan has been brought together for me, the whole team has experiences and interests that fit with my goals so that I can learn and use the information they give me to complete all my projects. We have good communication which I think is the key for me to be able to stay focussed and safe’.

‘Most of my days are full, I like keeping busy, it is exciting to see my projects coming together. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment for a job well done. I have recently finished the awning at the back of the house and a chook run, I am now working on the chook pen and some paving. Sometimes I hit my target for the day and sometimes I don’t, I used to get upset if things didn’t go to plan and lose the motivation to finish. That is where Karakan has helped me too, they have helped me see that some stuff might not go quite right, but that’s OK. I am much better at coping, which is good’.

 ‘Working around the house is not my only activity though, I also go to men’s shed, recently we had elections to see what we are doing next and had a BBQ lunch. We often have interesting people come to speak, I really like that part of it as I can learn a lot. Last time I learnt where we could park for free, very useful’.

‘Recently I went to a Rob Thomas concert, he sung some of his classics and some new tracks too. He had a full rock band with him so the atmosphere was just incredible, he is just such a great entertainer. It was classic Rob Thomas. I would really like to put that on my bucket list for next year, more concerts I really enjoy the whole experience’.   

‘I have a lot to look forward to, my daughter is getting married soon, and I am making her an arbor. I am very proud that I will be able to make that for her. We also have a holiday planned, we will be flying over to Perth where we will be going to surprise a dear friend for her 60th birthday. My wife and I are really looking forward to the trip, it is somewhere we have never been before so we are excited to see and experience a new place’.

‘Most of my days are full, I like keeping busy, it’s exciting to see my projects coming together’.