The Board of Karakan is responsible for overseeing the sound and prudent management, governance and strategic direction of Karakan’s business operations.

It is the role of the Board to make informed decisions in the best interest of Karakan and its’ stakeholders; to set the strategy for Karakan and agree the goals to implement that strategy; and to review and measure the performance of adopted strategies against defined measures.

The Board reviews and approves significant policies and frameworks and satisfies itself that an effective system of compliance, risk management and internal control is established and maintained.

The specific tasks undertaken by the Board to discharge its general responsibilities are:

  • Test, review, amend, endorse, and communicate the strategy proposed by management, and ensure it is regularly reviewed
  • Set and review the long term goals of the organisation
  • Monitor management’s implementation of the strategy
  • Approve large investments and major financial transactions
  • Approve budgets
  • Monitor business performance
  • Ensure there is accurate financial reporting
  • Support or challenge the assumptions of management
  • Ensure the organisation complies with all aspects of the law
  • Monitor the controls framework to ensure major risks are identified and managed
  • Ensure that corporate governance principles and policies are established and maintained
  • Appoint the Chief Executive Officer and monitor his/her performance
  • Ensure appropriate remuneration of and systems are in place for monitoring performance of management team

Governing Principles

Karakan has a set of governing principles that encompasses our integrity and commitment to enhancing wellbeing and making a positive contribution to the lives of people who experience mental health challenges and/or disability, their families and carers, the community and the mental health sector.

The development of these governing principles has been informed by dialogue with a range of stakeholders.

These Governing Principles are an important part of our how we approach all the work that we do at Karakan.

Our Values


We embrace diversity and value the uniqueness of every individual, supporting people to advocate for themselves.


We are understanding, genuine and responsive. Working in partnership with people to increase their capabilities towards a life of independence.


We nurture personal recovery and have an unwavering belief in each individual, supporting them to make positive change and live their best life.