Finding and Keeping a Job

A job can lift your confidence, self-esteem, motivation and connect you with your
community as well as earn you money.

Your Journey towards your employment goals

If you want a job in a real work environment we have opportunities in Toowoomba.
Our timber workshop which specialises in woodworking and furniture restoration will
provide you with practical hands on experience in working with timber, as well as a
chance to learn new skills such as team work and workplace relationships.

We are dedicated to building a supported workforce that is confident and has a
strong sense of purpose, where people can achieve their work goals and build
connections with community to live a more enriched life.

So if you love being creative, what to learn new things, make friends and earn your
own money our employment opportunities could be for you.

If you would like to know more about Finding and keeping a job or how we can help,
call us on: 07 32991898, or email: 

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