Daily Life

Develop important life skills, get practical help around the house for a more comfortable, happy and independent life.

We can put together a program suited just for you

You tell us how you would like us to work with you, what skills you would like to learn or how you need help around the house. We can put together a program suited just for you, focused on what is important to you.

If you need help around the home, someone to help with grocery shopping or assistance in getting to appointments we can help you and support you to build your skills for those everyday activities.

Help when you need it

We provide support for everyday tasks that help you live independently. Whether you need someone to help a couple of days a week, or every day for a number of hours. We can arrange it around how it works for you. We want to support you as best we can, building your confidence so that in time you develop your own daily living skills for more independence.

Our team can support you in many ways within your home, whether that be cooking, cleaning, personal care or showering and dressing. Our aim is to make our supports as flexible and responsive as they can be, so that it fits in with your way of life.

If you would like to know more about Daily Living Support or how we can help,
call us: 07 3299 1898,
email us: Customer.Service@karakan.com.au

From money skills to meal planning and cooking, we can help build skills to enhance your wellbeing, and build your confidence.

Develop new skills

Developing new skills can be daunting, but also fun, our support team will work with you at your own pace to be able to gain the experience in the activities that you want to focus on.

Some of the skills you could choose include:

Health and well-being

  • Planning and eating healthy food
  • Cooking
  • Support to join sport clubs or gyms

Life Skills

  • Managing Money
  • Budgeting


  • Using public transport
  • Planning a journey
  • Road Safety

Connecting with people and the community

  • General social skills
  • Personal presentation
  • Visiting local community groups and centres
  • Eating out

If you would like to know more about Skills Development or how we can help,
call us: 07 3299 1898,
email us: Customer.Service@karakan.com.au