COVID -19 Updates March 29 2021

The Queensland Premier has announced that the lockdown in Greater Brisbane will end today, Thursday 1st April at 12pm, this is great news for anyone’s Easter break plans, which can now continue to go ahead. There will be some restrictions on mask-wearing, social distancing, and gatherings, with no more than 30 people, including you allowed in your own home. Masks will continue to be mandatory in any location indoors (except your own home) including in cars and on public transport until April 15. Please check to see that you have enough masks to get you through the Easter break and think about replenishing your supplies so you have no need to worry.


The end of the lockdown means that you will be able to go back to normal everyday activities, as long as you wear a masks indoors and places you cannot social distance. Please check ahead with any venues that you plan to visit over the next two weeks to see that they are fully open and operating as normal so that you don’t make any unnecessary trips.


So that you can feel confident that the support we are providing you is safe we have extra safety measures in place. These include increased hand hygiene for staff before, during, and after each shift, with hand sanitiser in regular use; the use of face masks at all times and social distancing. This means that we can continue to support you so that you can remain connected during this time.

Check on this link regularly to keep up to date with any announcements from the Queensland Government.

Please remember if you feel you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please go to get a test.