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For Referrers

Karakan believes in quick and smooth access to services. As such, our referral, intake and assessment processes are designed to be simple, efficient and understanding.

We listen to what individuals are telling us about their needs, so that we can negotiate a targeted and meaningful response that will assist them to achieve the outcomes they and their support people are looking for.

Making a Referral

Making a referral to Karakan’s services is designed to be simple and efficient. There are no complicated forms or hoops to jump through. To make a referral simply call the Karakan office on 32991898, or send us an email at karakan@karakan.com.au, or complete the contact us form on this site, or drop­in to our office in Underwood.

Every person that is referred to Karakan’s service will have a face­to­face meeting where an assessment will be completed. We take a conversational approach to our assessment process in order to hear each person’s individual story. We see this as an opportunity for all parties to determine if there is a suitable fit between the person’s needs and Karakan’s services. This may also be the beginning of a negotiation of an appropriate and meaningful service response. We believe that individuals should walk away from an assessment with Karakan feeling hopeful and inspired at the possibility of enacting positive change in their life.

We are upfront and honest about the timeframes associated with our referral, intake and assessment process and will discuss these with you at the point of initial contact.

Services Available

Karakan provides a range of services to individuals that are interested in improving their quality of life, wellbeing, resilience and ability to respond to the challenges that emerge in life. We have extensive experience in providing services to individuals who experience mental illness and/or disability.

Karakan provides a range of support services. These include but are not limited to:

Individual Support

Karakan provides one­on­one support services in a range of settings whether it be in the individual’s own home, in the community or within Karakan share accommodation. The services we provide are co­designed with individuals, and their support network, to ensure that we are making a meaningful contribution to people’s lives. We work in partnership with individuals and other key stakeholders in their life, to work towards improving quality of life, enhancing mental health and wellbeing, and building the knowledge, skills and confidence to overcome challenges.

Our support services are flexible and responsive to an individual’s changing needs throughout the course of our work together. As such, our service response evolves and changes as the person’s needs evolve and change.

Individual support can be funded through individualised government funding, brokerage or fee for service arrangements.

Short Term Accommodation Program (STAP):

STAP is a crisis accommodation program for individuals who experience mental illness and disability that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. STAP is located in Beenleigh and individuals can reside at this property for up to 3 months as they address barriers to living independently and participating within their community.

STAP is funded by Department of Communities, Child Safety, and Disability Services. To be eligible for STAP individuals are required to be aged over 18 years, identify as experiencing a mental illness and disability and be on the Register of Need with Disability Services. If you are not currently on the Register of Need, Karakan may be able to help you with this.

For more information on how to register with Disability Services click here.

Karakan Housing and Support:

Karakan provides short to medium term share accommodation in Buranda, Runcorn, Logan and Beenleigh. All tenants have their own locked room and share the bathroom, kitchen, lounge room and laundry. Support is available to all tenants to provide assistance to build independent living skills and to work towards improving their quality of life.

Elements of this program are self funded by Karakan.

Approved Provider

Karakan is an approved provider with Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and the Department of Health for a range of individualised support services.

If you, a family member, a person you are caring for, or a person you work with is in receipt of government funding from either the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services or the Department of Health, Karakan can be selected as the nominated service provider.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

Housing and Support Program (HASP)

Karakan is a provider of HASP services in the Metro South Hospital and Health Service region.

HASP is a partnership between hospital and health networks, the Department of Housing and Public Works, and non­government organisations to provide housing and support (encompassing both clinical and non­clinical areas) to individuals who are significantly impacted by a mental illness. The purpose of the program is to improve quality of life outcomes and promote social inclusion and community connectedness.

Referrals to HASP are through the Hospital and Health Network. For more information about HASP click here.


Karakan is able to provide all services under a brokerage arrangement. We have experience in managing brokerage contracts and are able to mobilise resources and implement services promptly in order to respond to individual needs.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss brokering services to Karakan.

Fee for Service

Karakan can provide all services as a fee for service arrangement. Please contact us if you would like an overview of our fees and to discuss further.

Call us today on: 07 32991898 or email: Karakan@Karakan.com.au, making a referral to our service is that simple.