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For Individuals

What can we do for you?

Karakan provides services to help you overcome the challenges that may be stopping you from doing the things that are meaningful to you and having the life you want. Whether you identify as experiencing a mental illness, disability or are simply looking for a way to attain positive mental health, enhance your wellbeing and increase your resilience, Karakan has services that can be tailored your needs.

We understand that challenges are different for different people. Everyone is unique, so we make sure that all of our services are shaped to support you to meet your own personal needs. We believe that everyone has the ability to live a meaningful and enriching life despite the impacts of mental illness, disability and adversity.

How can support services help me?

Karakan’s support services can help you overcome challenges and be on your way to living the life that you want.

The challenges that we can all face in life are large and varied. Regardless of what challenge or challenges you are facing, or for how long you have been facing them, Karakan can work with you to find a way to develop more control in this area of your life. Karakan’s Support Workers will work with you, in your own home or in the community, to help you build the skills that you need to overcome the challenges that you are facing.

We understand that life is constantly evolving and changing and as your needs change, so will the support that is available to you. Our aim is to help you to improve your quality of life, enhance your mental health and wellbeing, and build your confidence in overcoming the challenges that life can throw at you.



Can we help you beat housing problems?

Do you struggle with finding or keeping a tenancy? Do you feel that difficulties related to your mental health and wellbeing might be contributing to this? We may be able to help. We understand that sometimes living situations can be difficult. If you are looking for somewhere new to live we may have an accommodation option that can help you.
Karakan has shared houses in Logan and Slacks Creek. All tenants have their own locked room and share the bathroom, kitchen, lounge room, and laundry. While living in a Karakan house a support worker will work with you to build your skills in managing your living situation and help you to gain the quality of life you are looking for.

If this sounds like something that would be of assistance to you please contact us to discuss further.

What will happen when I work with Karakan?

If you tell us that you are interested in accessing a service from Karakan you will be invited to come to a meeting with us. At this meeting we will tell you about our services and how we can work together to meet your needs. This meeting will give you the chance to find out about Karakan and decide whether we are the right service for you. At this meeting we will get to know you, listen to your story, talk with you to find out what you’re already doing to manage the challenges you face and how our service may be able to help you to overcome the things that you are struggling with. We understand that you are not a blank canvas and are committed to drawing on the knowledge, strengths and resources that you already have in your life in our work together.

If you decide that Karakan is the right service for you, we will work together and draw on the information you have shared with us to make a detailed plan about how we will support you. This can be a difficult process so we make sure that we take time to do this with you at your own pace. Developing a clear plan together is an important step to make sure that you have access to the service that you need.

There is no time limit on the support that we provide. You set the pace; you decide how and when we will work with you. You are in control of the support service you access from us.

What do you do now?

If you would like to know more about how we can help you please contact us. you call us today on: 07 32991898, or email: karakan@karakan.com.au, or complete the contact us form on this website, or drop­in to our office in Underwood.