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Karakan have a number of other training initiatives available to the wider sector and community members. These include but are not limited to:

Recovery Oriented Service Delivery

Recovery Oriented Service Delivery ­ this training is delivered in a range of formats depending on the needs of the participants and the organisation. The training can be accredited or non accredited. Accredited training includes the following units of competency:

  • CHCMH401A—Work effectively in mental health settings
  • CHCMH402B—Apply understanding of mental health issues and recovery processes
  • CHCMH403A—Establish and maintain communication and relationships to support the recovery process
  • CHCMH404B—Conduct assessment and planning as part of the recovery process
  • CHCMH405A—Work collaboratively to support recovery process

Mental Health First Aid Training

MHFA courses teach mental health first aid strategies to members of the public. Mental health first aid is the help provided to a person who is developing a mental health problem, or in a mental health-related crisis, until appropriate professional treatment is received or the crisis resolves.

MHFA courses can provide members of the community with:

  • Skills in how to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental health problems;
  • Knowledge of the possible causes or risk factors for these mental health problems;
  • Awareness of the evidenced based medical, psychological and alternative treatments available;
  • Skills in how to give appropriate initial help and support someone experiencing a mental health problem;
  • Skills in how to take appropriate action if a crisis situation arises involving suicidal behaviour, panic attack, stress reaction to trauma, overdose or threatening psychotic behaviour.

Professional Boundaries Training for Support Workers

Professional Boundaries Training for Support Workers ­ this training is designed for workplaces in the community services sector. The training is non accredited and can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

Risk Management Training for Community Services ­

Risk Management Training for Community Services ­ this training is non accredited and specifically designed for non­clinical community services. In particular, staff working at the coal face of services will gain a strong understanding of risk and be equipped with tools for appropriately assessing and managing risk in their day to day work.


For more details regarding training opportunities and costs please contact karakan@karakan.com.au or call us on (07) 3299 1898.