Services for people who experience mental illness south Brisbane logan
Our Mission 
To work in partnership with people who have a mental illness, their families and the community to enable the individual to achieve greater autonomy in their lives.

Karakan (also known as Karakan Hostels) was established on the 1st of August 1972 as a not-for-profit organisation.  Karakan was originally operated and run by volunteers in the community who were concerned about: individuals with a mental illness living in inappropriate hostel accommodation; people living in their own homes who were at risk of homelessness; and/or people struggling to maintain their accommodation and/ or their quality of life. At that time the hostels where many individuals were residing were often overpriced and the living conditions were considered unsatisfactory. Within these hostels there were frequently anywhere between 30 to 40 people living together in an institutionalised setting.  People had little chance of reclaiming their lives.  Karakan Hostels responded to a need for change and thus provided a more affordable and acceptable housing solution. Over the years feedback from those living in Karakan Hostels has changed the type of accommodation provided.  This has prompted the transition from larger homes with 6 or more bedrooms to smaller, more private residences with 5 or less bedrooms.

More recently, in 2004/2005, Karakan experienced growth as it became an approved service provider with Department of Communities Disability Services. Karakan received funding to operate a Short Term Crisis Accommodation Program, also known as STAP, which is still running in Beenleigh today. Karakan received a number of funding packages to support individuals living in their own homes.  In addition, Karakan continues to manage the block funding, originally provided by Queensland Health, which has recently transitioned to the Department of Communities Mental Health Branch. In 2006/ 2007 there was a focus on building a foundation to support the growth it experienced and as a result Karakan successfully passed the Disability Services audit in February 2008. Two successful surveillance audits later Karakan is due for recertification in February 2011.

In the past year Karakan has received funding from Queensland Health to provide and manage accommodation within the Transitional Housing and Crisis Program. Karakan has also developed a self funded Low Support Accommodation Program. The aim of this program is to provide people with another step toward independent accommodation within the community. This program, although in its early stages, is proving to be a very successful ‘step down’ housing model.

Karakan currently supports around 70 to 100 people at any one time. There are 30 staff members who range from casual, permanent part-time, and full time employees. Karakan provides services from South Brisbane through to Beenleigh, and the Office is now located in Underwood.

The organisation has changed dramatically since it was established in 1972; however, the culture of providing an environment that nurtures and assists an individual to recognise their own strengths and resilience remains a strong focus in the organisation.

Our Philosophy
• Karakan believes in the rights of each individual to determine their lifestyle. Karakan promotes personal responsibility for each individual’s welfare and lifestyle with the provision of support where required to best meet the individual’s needs and goals.
• Karakan believes that partnership is enriching for all participants.
• Karakan believes that all people should be treated with respect, honesty and dignity regardless of age, gender, disability, religious or sexual orientation.
• Karakan adheres to the principles of confidentiality.

Aims & Objectives
• To provide a support service which is flexible and responsive to the needs of individuals.
• To promote the integration of people with psychiatric disability into the community through the use of appropriate community settings and services for group and individual activities.
• To promote and encompass empowerment and growth of individuals accessing the service, by respecting their rights and opinions, working in partnership with them on their individual support and offering them a opportunity to be involved in organisational decision making and planning.
• To promote a positive image of people with mental illness.
• To provide goal focussed planning and individual support to assist individual support to assist individuals to meet their needs and work towards change.
• To promote the individual’s capacity to independence.

Declaration of Beliefs and Values
• The users of our service are our partners, teachers and colleagues.
• We are committed to the process of recovery.
• The relationship between support worker and the consumer is an enriching experience for both parties.
• We believe that life is enriched by many different relationships and we are a small part of that.
• We recognize people’s strengths and we build on their strengths to develop solutions with them.
• We work collaboratively with the person, community mental health staff, other community services and when requested with the consumer’s family and friends.
• We acknowledge that the information given to us by the consumer is private and confidential. We require a release of information form to be signed by the consumer before we release any information about them unless a duty of care issue arises.
• We are flexible and aim to facilitate people’s independence.
• Each individual is unique and special.
• Each individual is an expert in their own situation.
• Each person is entitled to choices or options.

Services for people who experience mental illness south Brisbane logan